Land Rover Range Rover Estate 2002 - 2009

Land Rover Range Rover Estate 2002 - 2009

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Works just as well off road as on the road
  • Luxurious high quality interior
  • Superb build quality
  • Powerful engines


  • Difficult to get into the back seats
  • Running costs are high


Land Rover have accomplished something that no other vehicle manufacturer has been able to by blending both excellent off-road capabilities with on road comfort. On top of this they have produced a vehicle that is well kitted out with state of the art technology providing the customer with pure unadulterated luxury. The luxurious seats provide enough room to sit five with ease and still give the feeling of space that is only rivaled by limousines. The quality of materials used is sublime and with a facelift in 2009 this only increased. The Range Rover will definitely not leave the owner feeling short changed in anyway.

Exterior and Interior

This new generation Range Rover is impressive to say the least with a new and improved design that appeals not just to the gentry, but also businessmen and families. When you are inside the Range Rover it gives you the feeling of pure luxury, style and quality. There is more than enough room in the back for three adults to sit comfortably and the same can be found in the front with plenty of room for the driver and front passenger. The back seats are a little hard to get into with the back doors being narrow and due to its height most people will need to jump to get in. The large windows give a feeling of it being more open and bigger than it actually is, not that it needs it. The boot is massive to say the least and with the option of folding down the split folding rear seats to expand the room even more, you are looking at a space that is in excess of 2000 litres. If that isn't enough then you should be using a removals van. The equipment levels as standard are high as you would expect for the price, the list includes climate and cruise control, CD changer, leather upholstery, sat nav, rain sensors, xenon headlamps and electric seats, mirrors and windows. In 2009 the Range Rover underwent a facelift with the quality and list of equipment being improved considerably, which before it, you would have thought impossible with the high quality already found in it.

Performance and Economy

Both of the petrol engines are immensely powerful offering good acceleration for such a large vehicle with the 4.4-litre going from 0-60 in just over 8 seconds whilst the supercharged 4.2-litre engine manages it in an impressive 7.1 seconds. The diesels have been the more popular engines however the 3.0-litre feels underpowered and sluggish which is a disappointment. The larger 3.6-litre is a whole different story though. Its has an immense amount of power and is superbly refined hurling the Range Rover from 0-60mph in just 8.6 seconds, only 0.3 seconds behind the larger petrol engine. It also offers the best fuel efficiency at 25mpg which is equal to the smaller 3.0-litre diesel. The petrol engines manage just 18mpg and 17mpg for the 4.2-litre and 4.4-litre respectively. The older five-speed automatic gearboxes worked fine, but the newer six-speed version introduced in 2005 to all models added smoother gears changes when accelerating.

Like to Drive

It is a great vehicle to drive with the height providing good visibility and a commanding view of the road. You really will feel as if you are looking down on nearly all other vehicles on the road! The drivers' seat is pure comfort with you being able to adjust it to perfectly suit your needs whilst still offering extreme comfort that you could sit in all day. All the knobs and dials are well laid out with almost everything you need at your fingertips, quite literally as most can be found on the steering wheel. They all feel very solid and well made and are laid out logically for easy use. On the road the strong chassis enables the Range Rover to corner extremely well with minimal body roll and which also comes into its own off-road where it provides a mammoth performance. The ride is also exceptionally smooth both on and off-road thanks to the Terrain Response system that was fitted in 2005 that enables the driver to select the best setup for the Range Rover depending on what surface you are travelling over. It also comes with Adaptive Dynamics which continually adjust the suspension to suit the road surface you are travelling over.

Faults and Repairs

There appear to be no serious faults in this Range Rover which is a relief for owners especially when paying as much as you do for it. There have been some electrical problems with dash lights coming on for no reason but just turning the car off and on again tends to sort out this out. It should be serviced regularly though just to make sure nothing goes wrong and you can expect these services to cost a lot due to the complexity of the vehicle. It does come in cheaper than the Porsche Cayenne, but is more expensive than the BMW X5.