Land Rover Range Rover Sport Estate 2009 - 2013

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Estate 2009 - 2013

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Monday, May 16, 2016


"Best Range Rover so far"

Exterior and Interior

Both the exterior and interior have proven to be great. I have had the car now for 2 years and still look forward to driving her. The interior in particular is the most comfortable car I have driven especially on long journeys, compared to BMW X5 and Audi A7. Touch screen system really nice touch, along with voice controlled functionality

Performance and Economy

Performance is Ok, need sport gear if you want to make her move quickly, I find I get an average of approx 24 MPG, a little more 26 - 28 mpg on longer runs. The V6 engine is a major fuel saving on the older V8 models

Like to Drive

Very comfortable. The higher driver position automatically makes you feel safer with better visibility, very easy to drive in automatic - or for the best of both worlds you can use the 'CommandShift' to change between manual and automatic options. <

Faults and Repairs

Touch wood none so far. Apart from servicing the car has been spot on, the only thing is look out for is the cost of accessories if you wish to add anything, nearly £1000 for a bike carrier option!