Lotus Europa Coupe 2006 - 2010

Lotus Europa Coupe 2006 - 2010

Overall Rating:
Review by JohnO
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Its a very quick super handling Lotus! But VERY basic"

Exterior and Interior

It was a anthracite grey metallic colour and had the wheels in the same colour. Still a little difficult to get in and out, but no surprise to the Lotus fraternity. Leather seats are ok, but although they call it a luxury touring model it really missed the mark.

Performance and Economy

This model has the Vauxhall VXR turbo engine. A really quick and capable performer. Torque was amazing when the turbo kicked in. Economy always good as it was such a light car. 40mpg on good runs. Small tank though.

Like to Drive

I bought this to replace a Boxster being a Lotus enthusiast. I wish I hadn't. Very very quick and reliable but for a daily commute can get a little tiresome. Steering was fantastic but the ABS was always clattering. A head turner because of its rarity and its a LOTUS! <

Faults and Repairs

For the role I wanted it to play as a super comfortable easy to use everyday 2 seater car it really didn't make it. If you had smart clothes and the car was wet then I always seemed to get them dirty getting into the car. Depreciation was initially huge but seems to have gone the right way now. Sat nav was a comedy moment mostly.