Mercedes-Benz B Class Hatchback 2005 - 2008

Mercedes-Benz B Class Hatchback 2005 - 2008

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Can fit five people and their luggage in comfortably
  • Striking looks


  • Uncomfortable ride
  • Noisy petrol engines


The Mercedes-Benz B-Class MPV has more stylish looks than the average MPV, but it is let down by the lack of any unique touches that most other MPV's bring to the table. It can easily fit five passengers at a time as well as all of there luggage. There is exceptional visibility out of the vehicle from all sides, however, it is hard to know where the front of the car is as the bonnet disappears out of view making parking difficult. There is a good choice of refined engines to choose from with both diesel and petrol options. The drive isn't great with as the ride is firm when driving around town and it doesn't improve much on the highways.

Exterior and Interior

Mercedes have made the B-class slightly bulkier and more rounded than its younger brother and looks like a mixture between a hatchback and MPV with a hint of sportiness also added for good measure. The interior is plush with lots of kit, however, some of the earlier models did appear to be made with cheaper plastics, but it is still better than most of its rivals. The interior is very spacious with ample leg and headroom as well as good shoulder room in both the front and back. This is due to Mercedes moving the rear wheels right to the back of the car leaving very little overhang. The boot is also big with enough room to fit five peoples luggage in with ease. There is the option of folding down the rear seats converting the boots 540litres into a cavernous 1645litres. There are four trim levels to choose from with the SE trim coming with everything you are likely to need including a CD player, alloys, air-con, electric windows and airbags all round, heated wing mirrors and a whole lot more. Optional extras include cruise control, parking sensors and a sunroof.

Performance and Economy

All the engines perform well but the larger engines do add that little bit extra power that makes driving the B-Class more enjoyable. The small B150 and B170 do a good job pulling the B-Class around, even when fully loaded and was the most popular and most sensible choice when buying new. However, as a second hand car going for one of the larger engines is probably the better choice. The smaller petrol engines do have better fuel economy than the larger engines with the B170 being the best in the petrol range with 44.8mpg followed by the B150 managing 44.1mpg, then the B200 with 39.2mpg and finally the B200 Turbo coming in at 35.8mpg. The diesel engines are by far the better engines for fuel efficiency with both of them managing an impressive 54.3mpg.

Like to Drive

The larger engines are more fun to drive with the extra power adding that little bit of extra excitement that you don't usually find in MPV's. The handling is great, if a little light, with the B-class handling the corners well with minimum body roll and plenty of grip. The ride is comfortable if a little jittery around town or at slower speeds on rough surfaces, however, when travelling at speed it soaks up the bumps with impressive ease. All of the engines are extremely quiet even when pushed and the cabin is devoid of wind and road noise until you reach higher speeds.

Faults and Repairs

There has been no stand out problems with the B-class with the interior being well built and giving the impression it will last a lifetime. However, just make sure that none of it has come loose. The likely things to go wrong are the electrics so gives these a good check over as well as making sure that if you try a diesel there are no loud noises from the engine and no smoke from the exhaust. As long as the B-Class has been constantly serviced you shouldn't have any problems.