Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon 2007 - 2011

Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon 2007 - 2011

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • A great-looking car
  • A high comfort level inside an appealing interior
  • Great engines to choose from


  • Expensive to buy and maintain


It almost seems like the C-Class is trying to catch up with its older brother the E-Class. It's wheel base is now only 3 inches shorter than the E-Class and full 4 inches longer than its grandparent, the Mercedes 190. Now it's grown so big that even the E-Class coupe is built on the C-Class' platform. Every time a new generation appears, it is bigger, wider and… yes, more expensive. This new C-Class is a success story though as it's a car that looks good and drives smoothly.

Exterior and Interior

The "S-Class Wannabe" theme finds a further development in this 3rd generation C-Class design. It even takes its claim further now as the C-class looks like a small S-Class. It has also dropped the horrible double headlamps of the 2nd generation and in doing so has become one of the most elegant cars in the current Mercedes' model line-up. There are four trim levels available: SE, Executive SE, Sports and Elegance ‐ they're all pretty elegant and good-quality and only vary by the level of equipment and creature comforts. The Elegance version can also be recognised by the chrome grille and other tiny tweaks to the exterior. The interior is finished to a high standard regardless of which trim you choose. You also cannot fault the build quality.

Performance and Economy

The engines of the 2nd generation C-Class have been re-touched and some new units have been added. The C-Class gives an outstanding performance with the availability of two diesel and four petrol engines. C200 with a 1.8-litre 201BHP Kompressor engine (with a turbo boost) is a great fun to drive. All versions of the C-Class have a sporty feel, hence is not out of turn to call it a compact sport sedan. The mission to trouble the BMW 3-Series was accomplished successfully. With a keener exterior design and more refined engines, the C-Class is a worthy contender. Unlike its predecessor, the new C-Class is a reasonably efficient vehicle. The 167BHP diesel is the most fuel-efficient unit in the range delivering as much as 60mpg. The petrol engines are not bad either ‐ the basic 153BHP engine (without Kompressor) will provide 41mpg. That's a great result for a car that has significantly increased in size and equipment.

Like to Drive

It is one of the sportiest cars in the whole Mercedes' range. Handling and responsiveness is what justifies the relatively high price of this car. It retains its sporty character even with the basic petrol and diesel engines. Crème de la crème is the top of the range AMG modification, which is available in both saloon and estate body styles. An estate car that is capable of 155mph (electronically limited to prevent it from taking off) is a mind-blowing concept. This way Mercedes intends to show that it is both practical and sporty, which the C-Class certainly is.

Faults and Repairs

Mercedes has always had a good reputation of being reliable and a safe car to drive. The main faults that plagued the 2nd generation C-Class have been eradicated. They've learnt their lessons and the 3rd generation is much more solid. The materials and craftsmanship leaves no reason for dissatisfaction. Maintaining a C-Class is as expensive as with any other new Mercedes. The regular servicing that it needs is expensive and so is any odd repair that the car needs. It shouldn't happen often though, because the car is exceptionally reliable.