Mini Convertible Convertible 2004 - 2008

Mini Convertible Convertible 2004 - 2008

Overall Rating:
Review by Louise Haines
Monday, May 16, 2016



Exterior and Interior

The mini is a beautifully designed and well-built car, with features such as the retro dashboard, and the ‘Openometer’, which measures the amount of time that you spend driving with the roof down all contribute to the 'wow' factor obtained when driving this car.

Performance and Economy

All of the engines fitted to the MINI range have a version of the BMW Efficient Dynamics package that cuts fuel consumption dramatically. The first element is regenerative braking in which the alternator only charges the battery when the car is braking or slowing, so that no fuel is wasted spinning the alternator unnecessarily. The second is a stop-start system that works unobtrusively and effectively, cutting the engine when you are at a standstill and starting it instantaneously when you press the clutch pedal. Performance wise the Mini is outstandingly good, the 1.6 engine is extremely willing. Ultimate go kart on the road !!!

Like to Drive

The Mini is well known for its sharp handling, and ability to cope with corners at a high speed. It is incredibly fun to drive, its not exactly spacious however it looks good, drives well and is extremely likeable. <

Faults and Repairs

Since owning my Mini I have not had any faults with it, I would say they are extremely reliable and manufactured to a high standard but like all BMW's parts do come at quite a price should anything go wrong.