Mini Countryman Hatchback 2010

Mini Countryman Hatchback 2010

Overall Rating:
Review by Android
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Heavy "

Exterior and Interior

Trendy, different and modern! Comfortable seats and driving positions! The radio is a nightmare to operate whilst driving as the buttons are very close together! The seats are very well padded and it seems very easy to find a comfortable position quite quickly. The inside and out have been well thought out and the car does look modern!

Performance and Economy

It's a heavy car that doesn't have a lot of pull away power and overtaking is a long and slow experience. The car is quite thirsty due to the heaviness, so be prepared to top the car up regularly! Going uphill can be painful and it does mean dropping gears quickly until you gather enough speed to get up the hill. If you've ever driven a mini I'm sure you're already aware of these issues, but on a positive note it can be a fun experience!

Like to Drive

It's very comfortable to drive, although it does take a while to get used to the clunky gears, they are not smooth like other cars I have driven. The clutch and accelerator also take a lot of getting used to as these are also heavy and can cause you to stall the car! This does ease as you get used to the car. <

Faults and Repairs

The auto stop system only works at certain temperatures, so if it's cold outside forget it, the outside temperature has to be over 5 degrees! The stereo seems to be quite a poor choice for a nice looking car, mini have obviously designed this car to be quirky and on the whole this is right on the nose, but I think it was also designed with looks in mind and not how easy it would be to use!