Mini Hatchback Hatchback 2001 - 2004

Mini Hatchback Hatchback 2001 - 2004

Overall Rating:
Review by Ljc1984
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Mini Cooper - Best Car I Have Ever Driven!"

Exterior and Interior

Metallic black exterior, looks very sleek and modern. When I first got this car they weren't so common so it always caught people's eye. It's very smart and compact looking too. Everyone loves a Mini Cooper!

Performance and Economy

Drinks petrol a bit but well worth it I think. I don't really know about MPG's and all that jargon; all I know is that I loved driving it so was happy to fill it up for the pleasure! From memory, I think I managed two to three trips from London to Essex and back on a full tank.

Like to Drive

It's an absolute DREAM to drive! Very fluid, smooth and can accelerate quite quickly so you're not hanging around at the lights. The only issue I ever had driving it was on the roads in South London as there are so many speed bumps! The chassis is very low so I often had to endure a horrible scraping noise as I creeped over each bump at 5 miles an hour! <

Faults and Repairs

I had a small ding in my back bumper and was quoted quite a large figure to have it repaired due to it's location - it wa son the plastic bumper so couldnt be banged out. Because of that I decided to just leave it. I never had any other issues but the power steering pump and a few other things had been replaced just before I bought it