Mitsubishi ASX Estate 2010 - 2012

Mitsubishi ASX Estate 2010 - 2012

Overall Rating:
Review by Taylor1966
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Solid Fun"

Exterior and Interior

With the jet fighter grill it looks the part. From a distance it looks like a big car where as close up it looks like a small car. The 4wd it really can go anywhere, Ive been across fields in the snow without a problem. The seats a comfortable and supportive, even after all day in them.

Performance and Economy

Enough pull to get some decent speed, it even scares a few boy racers away from the lights. Given its sat up style its never going to be a sports car, but it can cut a dash. The limited body allows those twisty bends to be fun without any dramas. Averaging 49 miles per gallon with enthusiastic driving so runnig it shouldn't break the bank.

Like to Drive

Well planted the chassy works hard for the driver keeping it all on the plot., the power delivery is smooth (For a Diesel) and flexible allowing you to hustle along without too much stirring of the gear box, or sit back and cruise along. <

Faults and Repairs

4 Turbos in 2 years is not a great track record. But these have been sorted with minimum fuss and inconvenience. I have done over 100000 miles in those two years. 9000 mile service interval is pitiful in this day and age