Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Saloon 2008 - 2011

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Saloon 2008 - 2011

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Superb Performance
  • Well built and tuned engines
  • Sporty styling


  • Sporty ride might not be to every ones taste
  • Extremely thirsty


The Mitsubishi Evolution is based on the popular Mitsubishi family car, the Lancer. While the Lancer is seen as a solid and unpretentious car, the Evolutions completely different. If you like fast, flashy and slightly outrageous, then this car is for you! The Evo project begun in 1992 and was based on the 6th generation Lancer. Although the car has only been in production for two decades, there have already been 10 generations. The latest has been appropriately named Generation X. Theres often been very little difference between the generations of the Evo. For example, the first three generations were based on the 6th generation Lancer. As has always been the case each generation of the Evo is exceptionally quick, handles superbly and can be used as an everyday car if required.

Exterior and Interior

Although the Evo is based on the Lancer the way the two car are styled is very different. As soon as you see the Evo X you know that the car is going to deliver superb performance. The 18 inch alloys cant be missed and set the scene instantly. The rest of the exterior offers a slightly square look, but this is not a criticism. The shape works well with the aggressive lines embedded down the side panels. To ensure there is no confusion between the Evo X and the normal Lancer, Mitsubishi provide a good size air intake on the bonnet, an aggressive front grill and a large spoiler on the boot. Once you move inside you will instantly be drawn to the lovely looking Recaro seats. Before you even start the engine these help to add to the excitement of the car. The interior as a whole is fairly dark, although the carbon fibre and silver touches do add an element of class. Theres plenty of standard options to keep you happy as well. Air conditioning / climate control, electric door mirrors and windows, multifunction computer, iPod / MP3 aux port and satellite navigation all come as standard. Although the Evo X doesnt excel inside, it doesnt do a bad job either. It has plenty of equipment to keep the majority of people happy and to ensure the car can be used as a day-to-day vehicle.

Performance and Economy

This is where things get really exciting with the Evo X. Although there have been 10 generations of the vehicle, one thing has not changed, the performance! Its amazing to think that Mitsubishi has managed to extract between 290bhp and 354bhp from a relatively small 2.0-litre engine. With the smaller of the two engines (290bhp) you will be sent from 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds. Things only get faster in the bigger engine (354bhp) with a 0-60mph performance of a mind numbing 4.1 seconds. When you consider that the smaller of the two engines can be purchased for just over 31,000, you will be hard pushed to find a faster car for this sort of money. Although the Evo X isnt the most expensive car to purchase, you will need deep pockets to keep it running. The official fuel economy statistics for the 290bhp start at 19.1mpg for urban driving and 33.6mpg for extra urban. With the larger engine the fuel economy drops significantly. Around town the 354bhp engines will achieve just 12.9mpg and will only rise to 26.9 extra urban, with a combined level of 19.9mpg. Although the fuel economy statistics make slightly scary reading the reality is that if you want to drive a car like this, with this level of performance, you will have to make allowances when it comes to the running costs.

Like to Drive

One word really sums up the Evo X, fun! There are plenty more words to describe the experience you will have driving the car - thrilling, scary, amazing - but you will always come back to thinking that was fun! If you can put up with the fuel economy then there is no doubt that you will like this car. Both of the engines offer enough performance to have you pinned in your seat. The larger of the two engines does have the edge, but personally we feel the 290bhp engine offers plenty of performance and the bonus of the better fuel economy (and a much lower purchase price!). The only thing that you might want to consider with the Evo X is that the ride is firm and bouncy something that you expect from a rally car and is something that you might want to consider if comfort is your top priority. We feel that no matter which model you choose you wont be disappointed. This car was made to be driven, whether you decide to drive it hard, or use it as an everyday car is up to you. In our opinion it will excel at both. Be warned though, the temptation to put your foot down more often than not might well become too much to resist!

Faults and Repairs

Being a car that is often purchased to be driven hard, the Evo can suffer from some early tiredness. A hard setup coupled with reckless driving inevitably means suspension faults. Keep an eye on front tyres they tend to wear more quickly than the rear ones and this will also be a sign of whether or not the car has been driven excessively hard. As yet the engines are offer pretty good reliability. However, if something does go wrong it wont be cheap to repair.