Peugeot 206 Hatchback Special Edition 1999 - 2005

Peugeot 206 Hatchback Special Edition 1999 - 2005

Overall Rating:
Review by Red Bull
Monday, May 16, 2016



Exterior and Interior

The car looks great for what they are, my 1st car and I loved it. The inside is simple and everything is built well and the exterior is also simple, easy to maintain and built well. Some tinted windows and nice alloys and the car looks great, the quicksilver edition interior looks brilliant as well.

Performance and Economy

Performance on the car was good, £15 a week would get me to and from work everyday and gym ect, I did 30,000 miles in the car in 2 years and never had 1 problem with it what so ever, was nippy as well. Nice visibility all round so was easily maneuverable.

Like to Drive

Really nice and smooth, gearbox was easy and the clutch control was easy, I think its the perfect car for a 1st time buyer/driver and can look really smart. Acceleration was pretty good as well considering its engine size. <

Faults and Repairs

I didn't have any faults with the car despite it being 6 years old when I brought it and doing 30k miles in 2 years.