Peugeot 407 Saloon 2004 - 2011

Peugeot 407 Saloon 2004 - 2011

Overall Rating:
Review by Robbie
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Never buy"

Exterior and Interior

Beautiful interior and exterior, often had bulbs go but all together well built, the sleek look really attracted me to the car and the general solid build was great. Seats were really comfortable and driving position was perfect especially as I'm a tall person.

Performance and Economy

Ok performance, yet with faults never got the full effect or enjoyment. When the car was on the road it performed amazing, handling and power were next to none. Economy was little low but as I only drive to and from work and occasional long trip it wasn't to bad.

Like to Drive

Nice drive but as above, long journeys were really nice as seats were very comfortable, although A/C never worked which made the summer unbearable! Power when working was good especially with the tiptronic box. <

Faults and Repairs

Main ECU was faulty after 37k miles on clock and numerous electrical faults which cost a fortune on top of monthly payments.