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Porsche was born from the desire of Ferdinand Porsche to own a car he had envisioned but could not find. He stated “In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I'd been dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself.” And as they say the rest is history! From this, Porsche have derived a ‘Porsche Principle’ that all new models must first satisfy. Quite simply this translates to getting the most out of each horsepower; speed is not enough for this brand. Every horsepower is accounted for both in weight and performance.


Although Porsche now offer a little more in the way of vehicle types with the introduction of the Panamera saloon, the Macan SUV and its bigger brother the Cayenne, Porsche still remain heavily focussed on developing top-line sports cars for the driving enthusiast. The classic 911 for example has aged gracefully over the years, with a sleek modern design that still maintains the Porsche look. The Boxster being the “budget” level Porsche introduces the family and is highly praised. Similarly the Cayman is also highly praised with a decent level of practicality and is also good value for money. All 911 models offer the exceptional Porsche handling and performance, but at the highest level. The only problem a buyer would face is which model to choose as they all offer so much! The Panamera is Porsche’s attempt at reaching out to the luxury saloon market, which it appears to do very well. The large size doesn’t seem to affect Porsche’s ability to maintain such high levels of performance. And finally the smaller Macan SUV offers the quickest and best handling in the class, where the Cayenne acts out the big brother role very well.

If you are thinking of a Porsche as your next car, you will want to read the owner reviews below for unbiased opinions from Creditplus customers who own and drive a Porsche on a daily basis. You can also read the Creditplus expert reviews and reviews from the Parkers car guide.

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