Smart ForTwo Coupe 2007 - 2014

Smart ForTwo Coupe 2007 - 2014

Overall Rating:
Review by Gemmajc
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Best car ever"

Exterior and Interior

Smart cars are obvious! I mean people don't ever confuse them for any other car do they?! Mine is black and beautiful! Boxy in a good way and so small it can go anywhere! Surprisingly big on the inside an really comfortable, you are also high up!

Performance and Economy

Amazing for city driving, much better on the motorway than the pre 2007 versions. I commute 500 miles a week and its brilliant on petrol, £200 a month cheaper than my old C3.

Like to Drive

This car is Nippy, comfy and a real joy! My husband does not agree and if I'm honest on long journeys its not ideal and your arms and hands can get the shakes when you've finished, but this kind of car isn't really made for that kind of journey! <

Faults and Repairs

No faults or repairs so far and this is my second smart. Only complaint is accessing the lights to change bulbs is a bit of a pain!