Smart ForTwo Coupe 2009 - 2014

Smart ForTwo Coupe 2009 - 2014

Overall Rating:
Review by Smellyellie2010
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Great little car - just a shame you get ripped off on the bike carrier!"

Exterior and Interior

This is a great car - despite being very compact on the outside it actually feels very spacious on the inside and there is a ample storage space in the boot. The main reason for this car being small is that you cant have passengers but in terms of front seats there is plenty of leg room and storage space

Performance and Economy

Really economic - about 350 miles to £30 of petrol. Its also cheap to tax and insure. Only problem is that the Mercedes garage are very expensive if you use them!

Like to Drive

Very easy to drive - feels like your driving a go kart. Not as easy to park as you would expect due to lack of power steering and small turning circle but still squeezes into tiny spaces. You do not feel at all cramped whilst driving it <

Faults and Repairs

Haven't had any faults. We bought this car as you can get a bike carrier to go with it which is quite sturdy and doesn't risk damaging bike. What they don't tell you is that this can not be fitted yourself. The first fit must be done at Mercedes garage and this is very expensive!