Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatchback Special Edition 2006 - 2010

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatchback Special Edition 2006 - 2010

Overall Rating:
Review by Red Bull
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Such Fun"

Exterior and Interior

I love the interior of these cars, the sports seats look and feel amazing the interior looks brilliant, heated seats are so nice and the car is just built so well, the car looks great and the arden blue turns heads everywhere especially with the 19' diamond cut alloys,

Performance and Economy

Performance wise the car is amazing fun to drive, it's just like driving a super charged go kart, but the quality of the car makes you feel safe and indestructible, fuel wise it's ok, but not great, but I don't think its as bad as what you would think, and on long distance it's pretty good

Like to Drive

words just cant describe the fun you have when driving this car, the best and most fun car that I have ever driven by far, would certainly love another one of these cars again. the acceleration of the vehicle is unbelievable <

Faults and Repairs

Never had a fault with the car, brought under warranty from vauxhall and would only buy from a manufacturer