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Welcome to the Creditplus Charity & Sponsorship page, where you'll find details of the charities we support as well as the people and teams we have sponsored.


Creditplus are proud to have worked with several charities in the past. Team members regularly undertake sponsored activities with support from the staff of Creditplus.


Poole & District Children's Cancer Fund

Creditplus have a very strong relationship with the Poole District Children’s Cancer Fund (PDCCF). 

They are a local charity to us that specialise in helping out children diagnosed with cancer. We plan on making this a yearly event.

Why did we choose PDCCF?

There are 10-15 children a year right here in Poole that are diagnosed with some form of cancer and this charity plays a vital role in supporting not only the children, but also the families of those children. They use the money for taking the children on trips and days out, anything to put a smile on the children’s faces. These days out not only help the children but they also take some of the stress of day to day care away and allow the families to have a rest. They are a direct support role for the families of these children and that is something we want to get behind.

How much have we raised?

In collaboration with Barclays Partner Finance, Creditplus raised £8,160 for the PDCCF in the first year. We hope to improve on that in 2015.

How do we raise the money?

Creditplus and Barclays Partner Finance agreed that for each deal we completed over a certain period we would donate a portion of money. Barclays would then match this donation. 


Creditplus also like to support the local community in other ways too, we have sponsored a number of local teams and individuals to help them achieve their goals.

Creditplus Rally Team


We are very proud of the fact that we have ongoing sponsorship of an amateur rally team! The team is made up of Andy Phillips and Stu Bowers, a pair of very driven and enthusiastic individuals, Andy does the driving and Stu supports him in a navigation role. Despite the amateur classification, Andy Phillips is an excellent driver and the car they have put together is a fantastic machine.


If you want know more you can find it all in our Creditplus Rally Blog.

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