Buying A Car For Your Family

Finding the perfect family car is never easy. With so many different things to consider, choosing the car that is right for you and your loved ones is no simple task. Just think about the key points. You need to find a car that matches your budget, especially when unexpected costs can quickly build up when children are involved. Is your car safe enough? Newer cars have some of the most advanced safety systems ever, so can you afford to risk missing out? Comfort is another big consideration. The bigger the family, the more space you need to keep everyone happy.

Here at Creditplus, we understand that getting the car right for your family is important. That’s why we’ve collected together all our guides for families in one place. See what cars match your budget, view the safest cars on the market, and watch some funny videos of children in cars that will make you smile. You should also check out the award winning Creditplus car and finance blog for more driving tips, buying guides and motoring advice.

Remember: Our customer advisors and expert vehicle finders are waiting to help get you behind the wheel of your perfect family car. Just complete our 2 minutecar finance application and you'll soon have the perfect car for your family.

Creditplus know that having a family means time is precious. You might not be able to put in the research needed to find a car that suits your family’s needs. That’s where the Creditplus Find, Fund & Deliver service comes in handy. It’s the complete car buying package, meaning you can relax whilst we do all the hard work for you.

Here’s how it works. First, you complete our simple online car finance application form. Then you let us know you want to take full advantage of our Find, Fund & Deliver service. Now we begin doing all the hard work for you. We’ll ask you a few questions to begin with, to see what you are looking for. This can be a specific make and model you like the look of, a certain number of seats that’s required, or something more general like a favourite colour.

We will then use our team of expert vehicle buyers to find a car that fits your criteria. We will then gather our results together and bring them to you, letting you decide on the car you want. We’ll then compare more than 90 lending options to find the best possible finance rate. Once it’s all agreed, we’ll deliver the car direct to your door. All cars we supply through our Find, Fund & Deliver service undergo a RAC 82 point check – so you can be sure that the car you receive is in top condition. Find out more about our Find, Fund & Deliver service.

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