Celebrities Drive Range Rovers

A lot of celebrities have a passion for cars; some love them so much that they even have a private fleet of vehicles. The Range Rover is a firm favourite amongst celebrities including famous sport stars, film stars, musicians and television artists.

Some of these celebs have had their Range Rovers modified to reflect their personal lifestyle. Many have been to the world renowned Overfinch who will adapt and improve almost every part of the vehicle.

The Range Rover Sport has become one of the most popular 4x4 vehicles the UK has ever seen. The Sport is a smaller (and sportier) version of the Range Rover. It has been in production since 2005 and provides quality, comfort, style and performance. One of the main improvements on the latest range of Range Rovers is the superb engines that they offer. The rise in popularity could well be due to the new Diesel engines that offer good performance, huge pulling power and much better fuel economy than the petrol counterparts.

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