Coming Soon INFINITI EX37

Nissan is getting ready to launch one of its premium models in Europe, the Infiniti EX37. The car looks like a cross between a coupe and an SUV, although it is lower than your standard SUV and has a long body and big wheels.

It has an all wheel drive and only one petrol engine option. Being a premium car from Nissan, the Infiniti EX37 should be a well-built car full of luxury equipment. Nissan will be eager to make the launch a success, as introducing the Infiniti brand in to Europe will be a challenge considering premium German cars dominate this market. The Nissan Infiniti EX37 promises to be an excellent family car and should drive well either on the motorway or around town, although it will feel big in small towns. How well it will do as an off road vehicle has yet to be seen. It is unlikely it will keep up with the Land Rovers and may even struggle to reach the same heights as the BMW X5.

Early reviews of the Nissan Infiniti EX37 have been very good and the car is likely to come highly recommended. So if you are thinking of buying this rather sleek-looking car, then it’s time you visited your closest Nissan dealer and arrange a test drive.

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