Honda┬┤s Thrifty Insight

Honda launched its hybrid, the Insight, in 2000 and took advantage of the fact that cars registered after May 2001 are exempt from road tax. The government are bringing in incentives that favour drivers with low CO2 emission vehicles.

As a small city car, the Honda Insight serves exceptionally well. It is basically a two-seater car. The drive and ride of the car is quite good and it will not take you long to chose the engines, there is only one, and it is electric. The Honda Insight reaches a top speed of 112mph, which makes it reasonably fast.

Everything, including the veiled rear wheels, is designed to reduce air drag. For pottering around town or driving on the motorway the Honda Insight will serve well. The interior of the Insight is comfortable although the boot space is a bit cramped. The car is very well equipped and you would hardly require any additional equipment to enjoy driving around in comfort.

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