Hyundai i10 Becomes A Hot Seller

It may comes as a surprise that in July more than five thousand Hyundai i10 cars were sold. With the scrappage scheme in full swing, a brand new Hyundai i10 can cost as little as £5,000. That is a small amount of money to part with for a small, reliable five-door hatchback.

Considering the price of the i10 the vehicle represents superb value for money. It can seat four adults comfortably and although the engines are small, they do not feel underpowered. The interior is quite impressive and offers most of the equipment options you would expect for a car of this price.

The credit crunch has hit consumers hard and many more a worried what the near future will entail. That makes the i10 a sensible choice for many people who are looking for cheap car to run and insure. Better still the car comes with a standard five year manufacturer’s warranty.

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