Marc Anthony gives up his 2006 Lincoln Navigator

If you want to feel like a celebrity this is your chance. The 2006 Lincoln Navigator owned by Marc Anthony is up for sale. Marc Anthony only used the Lincoln Navigator occasionally which means that wear on the car is limited. Although the car will carry a premium price due to its celebrity history, the immaculate condition may help to justify this. Marc Anthony had the car custom built, and as you would expect, the car is fully loaded with equipment and top of the range options.

The car has tinted windows, climate control and a host of other options to ensure you will love driving the car. The one thing you will need to keep in consideration is the amount of fuel that you will be using to drive the monster of a vehicle. There is a reason why the majority of Lincoln Navigators are being driven by footballers such as David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney, only footballers wages can afford the fuel bills!

So although you might fancy this lovely car, you might want to think twice before actually purchasing it.

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