New BMW 1 Series Unveiled

September should see two new BMW 1 Series cars on the roads in the UK. BMW claims that the 118d and 120i are their most affordable coupes. The BMW 118d is the diesel engine version coupe, and the 120i is the petrol engine version.

The 118d will have a CO2 emission of just 119gms/pkm and will be taxed at thirty five pounds, but is still capable of doing the 0-62mph sprint in nine seconds. It should be affordable and smart car for people who love coupes. The BMW 118d delivers the type of drive that coupe enthusiasts expect in a very neatly styled package. With rear wheel drive the BMW 118d feels sure footed and the ride is extremely comfortable.

Around town, on country roads or on the motorway the 118d will be a pleasure to drive or ride in. The rear seats are very comfortable for two adults, and the only problem would be getting in and out of the car. But then coupe owners don’t expect people to be occupying the rear seats too often otherwise they would be looking for a 4 door version or a larger vehicle altogether.

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