SEAT Exeo Breaks Tradition

When SEAT unveiled the Exeo, it broke tradition by not naming the vehicle after a Spanish city; rather Exeo means “to go beyond”. As with most cars that are built by the VAG group the hardest part about choosing on of their car comes when you are trying to decide which trim to choose. The choice is excellent but the trims that are expected to sell well are the Reference, Style and Sport. The SEAT Exeo is a compact executive car with a six-speed gearbox and engines available in both diesel and petrol. Although the car is not quite as refined as some of the other similar models that Audi and Volkswagen produce it is still a fine car. The price difference between the makes will also make the choice harder to make as the SEAT Exeo offers far better value for money.

The SEAT Exeo is made to stand the test of time both in style and durability. Quality is a trademark of both VW and SEAT, making the SEAT Exeo a car which will stand the test of time better than many of its competitors.

Although the car bears a lot of resemblance to the Audi A4 it is probably fair to say that the car is not quite as stylish as its Audi counterpart. Of course, both cars are very similar, but the Audi definitely has the edge in terms of refinement and quality. That said the SEAT Exeo is a fine car and would be a good choice for anyone that doesn’t want to spend the extra money just for the Audi brand name.

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