Simon Cowell´s favorite car is a Mini Cooper!

The British music mogul Simon Cowell loves cars. He has a rare collection of cars, which include two Rolls Royces, a Jaguar XKR, a Range Rover, an Aston Martin DB 9 and a hot Mini Cooper. Last year he bought a Bugatti Veyron for a tidy six hundred thousand pounds. Simon says cars are his passion and if he could he would buy a hundred cars.

But the biggest surprise was him saying that his favourite car is the Mini Cooper and he drives that the most. It seems some celebrities prefer to buy cars to admire them and only actually drive them occasionally. It certainly seems to be the case with Simon Cowell.

The Mini has made a great comeback and is a hot favourite in the UK again. If you love a car that’s exciting and small then you won’t be disappointed by a Mini. One of the main characteristic that has been revived in the new version of the mini is the ride height of the car on the road. The low ride height gives you the feeling of speed and agility that many modern cars miss. It also helps with the handling of the vehicle and the mini feels like it is stuck to the road when being driven hard.

It is not a surprise that Simon Cowell loves his Mini. We are not sure we would choose it over a Bugatti Veyron though!

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