The New Sleeker, Spacious Audi TT

The latest Audi TT has received a massive overhaul with the new model that has been release. It has sleeker lines than its predecessor and the car looks far sportier. Inside the front seats are more spacious and the rear seats are now also more comfortable.

The new Audi TT is lighter and handles better, and the choice of engines is also quite good. The TDI common rail diesel engine is economical and the most cost-effective. The 2.2L TFSI petrol engine is the choice in petrol engines that suits everyday driving.

The current government scrappage scheme will also enable you to get a good trade in rate on your old car effectively saving you money on the Audi TT, making the purchase even more enticing. This will help some people to fulfil their dreams of owning a top-of-the-line sports coupe.

The Audi TT is an excellent sports coupe that will give you all the usual refinement of an Audi. This will help the owners to take pleasure in the car and enjoy the driving experience.

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