Audi's latest customer centric initiative

Audi is taking customer service to a new level, introducing a new Direct Reception program where in customers can participate interactively with the service advisor when they take the car for a service. This will be possible through a two-way radio as well as a special 'Audi Cam'.

This initiative is to quell dissatisfaction amongst certain sections of customers who feel that the service advisors often use high jargon and terms during the service routine, and there is no transparency in the process. With this initiative, the company feels it would do a lot to demystify the entire process, and customers would be able to appreciate the work being done by the technicians by actually participating in it through the camera, and talking to them through the two-way radio.

The company is hoping that with this initiative, customers would be able to know what exactly is being done by way of maintenance to their vehicles and they would then be able to establish better trust when it comes to the technicians. This candid camera initiative is bound to make the brand more popular and customers.

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