Celebrities going green

The awareness about going green and supporting a clean and green environment is now deeply ingrained in most celebrities and popular culture, and many are doing their bit to spread the word to their fans. After all, with such a huge fan following, they know that every statement and action from their side will get noticed and can lead to positive change. Moreover, it is also good publicity for them, and they feel good about doing something to give back to society. Many are therefore opting for vehicles that are fuel efficient and run on green fuel rather than the more conventional gasoline.

LA it-girl Paris Hilton has recently purchased a new Yukon Hybrid, and Matt Damon was noticed in his Tesla Roadster - an all-electric sports car. There are reports that Q'orianka Kilcher will soon be seen in a Honda FCX Clarity running on hydrogen fuel. This humanitarian activist has been pretty active recently and by going for this Honda that runs on hydrogen propulsion technology, she is sure to set a new trend that others would like to follow.

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