Citroen's Metropolis to see a market launch soon

After testing the Survolt successfully, Citroen is confident about going ahead with an all-electric model that has a twin battery capable of lasting over two hundred kilometers. The company wants to concentrate on a low volume roll out of the Survolt to start with and this two-seater would have the capability of racing to a top speed of 162 mph. This would be Citroen's entry into a segment that has been heating up, with many car makers wanting to become the early bird. After all, with fuel prices always on the rise and mounting concern for the environment, the electric option could be well-received by consumers.

However the more interesting news has to do with the Citroen Metropolis as the company wants to ensure it still remains a force to reckon with. Following the rather dismal sales figures of the C6, it plans to re-enter into the large luxury segment and deter the likes of Audi, Mercedes from becoming a force in the supermini category.

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