Fords Explorer launch in 2011

Ford has been pretty active in releasing new models and the market has also been responding positively. The 2011 Explorer promises to offer an increased fuel economy of almost 30%, meaning the consumer will get a city mileage of 18mpg and a highway efficiency of 26mpg. These are no doubt impressive figures and possible due to the new EcoBoost engine.

The company is maintaining that its new two litre engine won´t be lacking in power and will be able to deliver the 210hp output as expected. This SUV will also have a six-speed automatic transmission.

It is expected to hit the roads sometime in this year and customers will undoubtedly be keen to test out the new electric-powered assisted steering, the quick engine warm-up and the very first implementation of the variable-displacement compressor for the air conditioner. A combination of all these make for greater efficiency, mileage and comfort while driving.

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