Ford's new initiative for accident prevention

A great new initiative by Ford about to be introduced with the 2011 Explorer is sure to cockle the hearts of many of its fans, and make the brand even more popular. The company is hoping their prospective customers won't mind shelling out a bit of extra cash to have this feature.

The new feature is called CCT or Curve Control Technology and comes into play when the driver of the vehicle decides to take a corner turn rather abruptly or too soon. As soon as this happens, this safety system will take over and bring down the engine power drastically so that the vehicle slows down and the original momentum is reduced. Despite this, if the vehicle is still a bit too fast for comfort, then the brakes will be slammed to bring the vehicle speed to just 10mph instantly.

This technology will work on both dry as well as wet roads and would take into account the speed of the vehicle while turning through various sensors that instantly measure yaw rate, wheel speed, the roll rate and lateral acceleration at the rate of 100 times per second.

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