Gary Busey's contribution to a cleaner environment

Celebrities who are known for their rather tempestuous past and erratic behaviour often get noticed when they attempt to do something that is considered positive and useful. Unfortunately, sometimes even that is viewed with suspicion and their reputation often precedes them.

In the case of Gary Busey, his rather inconsistent behaviour as well as the reputation of consuming substance deemed illegal has often been held against him. So it was with some disbelief that observers noticed him getting into his rather old Mercedes-Benz and running it using biofuel. Not that such an act is beyond him or anybody else for that matter, it is just that people often label or slot celebrities into certain categories based on past behaviour and often hold that against them even when they decide to contribute something positive in their own little way.

This actor won great acclaim for his performance in Under Siege and his fans expect great things from him going ahead.

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