Peugeot's 508

The details about Peugeot´s new 508 have been officially revealed, and many car experts are touting this vehicle to be absolutely superb with typical French exterior styling. The company is replacing the 407 model and is wanting to make an up-market statement through the 508 by using high-quality materials.

The car will have a much bigger boot, with the interiors also becoming roomier. The 508 will also emit lower emissions through a much improved engine design and performance and that is also due to the lighter weight of the vehicle. This cutting of CO2 emissions has always been a part of Peugeot's strategy and they have been making the necessary technological and design modifications. The novel e-HDi stop as well as start system is also another reason for the fuel efficiency of over 15%. The 508 will be sold in both a sedan and estate form early next year.

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