Renault's concept vehicle

Everybody loves concept cars, showing the future of the automobile industry as it moves forward. Renault has been working on it's own new concept. This vehicle, called DeZir, will be a two-seat coupe and the Z in the name stands for the zero emission targets they're trying to achieve. The vehicle will be all-electric and is bound to get a lot of support from buyers.

This would be the premier project undertaken by Laurens van den Acker, who heads design at the company and the aim has been to present a car that would embrace simplicity, warmth and sleekness of movement.

The design itself boasts big wheel arches and a rather wide grille at the front that extends right up to the headlights. The rear also features a rather large mouth. The interior would be mainly in white to convey a feeling of lightness and would have simple curves.

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