Toyota's new legal problems

If a reputed car maker like Toyota - known for setting benchmarks in safety, environment consciousness and high quality - is facing so many problems regarding its vehicles, then one shudders what is in store for lesser mortals. This brand has been the bulwark around which the automobile industry has been making tremendous progress all these years.

After facing a lot of flak over problems related to its recent vehicles, the company now has been subpoenaed by a US court and asked to produce documents related to the steering problems in one of their models. This was revealed by the company which said that this subpoena was received almost a month back and is to determine whether the company can be pulled up for criminal charges pertaining to the sudden and unintended acceleration of its vehicles as experienced by many drivers.

The company has promised full cooperation though and with over 325 lawsuits within the US itself, the company is surely in for a very rough time. Incidentally, the company has been recalling its vehicles since August 2009 and that figure has crossed eight million.

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