A Cheese Sandwich For Me and a Glass of Wine for My Car Please

Most of us know by now how important it is that we stop polluting the atmosphere. Even without global warming many of our cities are so polluted by smoke-belching internal combustion engines that it has no doubt become a health hazard to work and live in them.


Before we sign on the dotted line for a car, it is therefore imperative that we ask ourselves whether the car we are buying will add to the problem or help to solve it.


This is why events like the eco-rally that took place in Oxford the past weekend are so important: they focus public opinion on the problems we face and the potential solutions.


Some of these solutions might look far-fetched: an electric car that can run for over 200 miles after receiving only a 10 minute charge, a sports car that uses fuel made from a mixture of wine and cheese, and a 'bio-bug' that is powered by gasses emitted by sewage. That they will help to get us thinking about the issues involved is, however, a virtual certainty.


The rally set off from Oxford early in the morning. From there the cars made a 2-hour pit stop at the Building Research Establishment Innovation Park near Watford. This allowed for electric cars to be recharged before they continued to The Mall in the heart of London.


A spokesperson for Bridgestone UK, Andy Dingley, said: "Vehicles that use fuels other than petrol or diesel are no longer concept cars of the future, but production cars of today".


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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