A Thousand Miles on Solar Panels

The TV personality Robert Llewellyn is not just a comedian: he is also a prominent electric vehicle advocate.  He has recently shown the world how to drastically cut down motoring costs and at the same time cut CO2 emissions to zero.


Three months ago Llewellyn had British Gas install solar panels at his home and he has since proven that it was possible to drive 1,000 miles for a little more than five pounds.


He is, of course, better known for the role of Kryten he plays Red Dwarf - a British comedy series that has achieved cult status in the UK.  Llewellyn owns a Nissan Leaf, which for the past three months he charged 85% of the time using solar panels only - even in the notoriously cloudy British weather.


Since British Gas installed the solar panels at his home, he has covered nearly 2,700 miles in his fully electric car.  If he had used a petrol-driven car, he would have spent nearly thirty times the amount he did using solar recharging.


To travel 1,000 miles in a petrol car would cost one on average £150 (based on a car doing 50 miles per gallon and a petrol price of £5.94 per gallon).  Compare this to the £37.10 an electric car charged from mains electricity will cost and you will immediately understand why electric cars are the technology of the future.


Compare both those prices to the £5.38 it will cost to recharge an electric car with solar energy, however, and you will be forgiven if you start hunting for the electric solar panels immediately.


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