Alfa Romeo to get Fiat Engine

When one mentions green car technology, the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo is not usually the first name that comes to people­s minds. A joint venture with a fellow Italian carmaker has, however, ensured that Alfa Romeo will in future be taken more seriously by customers with a bias towards eco-friendly cars.


Fiat is to develop a brand new 4-cylinder direct injection turbo petrol engine for Alfa from as early as 2013. It has a capacity of 1800cc and a maximum power output of 300bhp, and has been developed for both longitudinal and transversal applications.


The engine will comply with Euro 6 standards and be manufactured entirely from aluminium. It features a high efficiency turbo-charger, dual variable timing and a 200 bar direct fuel injection system.


The head of Alfa Romeo and Maserati, who also happens to be the chief technology officer at Fiat, says the new engine is an important step forward for Alfa in its attempts to reconnect the brand to its traditional support base as a top of the range Italian sports car.


In other eco-friendly car news, Nissan has begun testing its new Mobility Concept Electric Vehicle. The car is based on the Renault Twizy.


With a length of only 2.34 metres, a height of 1.45 metres and a width of 1.19 metres, the 2-seater is certainly one of the smallest cars around. It can carry two people in comfort and has a top speed of 50 miles per hour.


Battery range will be in the region of 62 miles.

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