Audi Develops Brand new Engine for S8

If you are an Audi fan, you are no doubt already aware of the new S8 that is due to be released during the summer of 2012 and you might even already have lined up one of these beauties.  So far details about the new car's drivetrain have been rather sketchy, but we can now reveal that it will indeed be equipped with a brand new engine that has been specially developed for the S8.


It will be a twin-turbo 4-litre TFSI V8.  The company promises fuel consumption of 23 miles per gallon, power output of 382kW and maximum torque of 650Nm - which will no doubt impress performance aficionados.  The fact that this torque will be available at engine speeds of as low as 1,700rpm makes it even more impressive.


In comparison to its 5.2 litre V10 predecessor the new engine's fuel consumption will be three litres/100km less, while power has been increased by 15%.  This will give the car a clear advantage over most of its competitors.


The engine has all the features we have become used to in the V-range of engines.  To save space, the chain drive has been positioned at the back of the engine.  To ensure a high standard of homogeneity, the cylinder case is manufactured from an aluminium silicon alloy.


In the interest of maximum efficiency the car will be fitted with an eight-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox.  The speeds are tightly spaced and to reduce fuel consumption the gear spread between the highest and lowest gears has been set to an unusually high 7:1!.

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