Audi Makes Breakthrough With New Engine

Audi has announced an important breakthrough with its brand new 1.8-litre TFSI petrol engine ± which will use 21% less fuel than the previous model.

Fuel consumption, emission and performance figures for the new engine are impressive: it will deliver 41 miles per gallon with emission figures of only 134g/km, while still pushing out 125kW and 320Nm ± not bad for an 1800cc engine. Fitted with a manual transmission the engine will enable the Audi A5 Coupe to reach a maximum speed of 143 miles per hour.


Combustion behaviour was a top priority during the design of the engine. The new system injects the fuel close to the tumble valve and then swirls it with air. The injection system has been improved to such a level that it now meets future Euro 6 standards, with gains both in terms of fuel consumption, CO2 emission levels and power output.


In an attempt to provide an even more finely tuned gas exchange system, the valve control system has been fitted with two camshafts that are adjustable through angles of between 30 and 60 degrees.


The coolant regulation system of the 4-cylinder engine is now fully electronic, providing the car with better thermal management. Cabin heating is now controlled via a separate loop in the cylinder head.


The turbocharger has also been completely redesigned. It now produces more boost pressure and the new alloy turbine wheel can withstand exhaust temperatures of nearly 1,000 degrees Celsius.


Quite amazingly, the new engine weighs less than the old one: 131.5 kg instead of 135 kg.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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