Audi Reveals A1 Quattro

When Audi launched concept cars such as the 501bhp Clubsport Quattro many of us started suspecting that they were planning a high-performance version of the A1.  No doubt many deals were put on hold in anticipation of the launch of such a model.  In this case patience paid off: Audi has confirmed that an A1 Quattro is in the pipeline.


It is not as extreme as the RS1, perhaps not even the S1 many people were expecting, but the new model will no doubt soon have many admirers.  It is powered by a two-litre turbo engine (the same one used in the S3), which has a power output of 252bhp.  Its low kerbweight combined with four-wheel drive gives it a 0.62mph acceleration figure of only 5.7 seconds.


German sources confirm that the car will only be available in one trim level, offering white metallic paint, stylish alloy wheels, a large rear spoiler and a black roof.  No information about the interior is available right now, but expect top quality materials such as aluminium, Alcantara and carbon fire to feature prominently.


For now the A1 will most likely remain a limited run model available in left-hand drive only to test the market for this type of car.  An Audi insider said recently that the company will decide in January whether or not a right-hand drive model will be also be launched.


According to the latest reports the A1 Quattro will sell for about £40,000.  It will start appearing on UK showroom floors by the middle of next year.

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