Audi Reveals new A8 Hybrid

Audi has revealed its new flagship, the A8.  It will make its official debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.


The car will be powered by an electric motor and a four-cylinder petrol engine, delivering emission figures of 148g/km and fuel consumption of 44 miles per gallon.


The hybrid is fitted with a two-litre, four-cylinder TFSI petrol engine.  The battery is a powerful lithium-ion model.  It is the first time this particular engine will be used in an Audi at this level.  It produces 207 bhp and maximum torque is 350Nm.


The battery delivers 40Kw, bringing the total available power to 247kW and 427Nm of torque.  The A8 is a front-wheel drive model using a fast-shifting hybrid gearbox.


The new model will offer three different driving modes, of which "S" provides a lively combination of the two powertrains for best performance.  In "EV" mode it uses electric power only and "D" mode provides a different combination of electric and petrol power.


This is the exact same drivetrain Audi uses in the Audi A6 hybrid.


The A8 will have a top speed of 62 miles per hour in electric mode, which it will reach in 7.7 seconds.  Emission levels will be an acceptable 148g/km, but the combined fuel economy of 44 miles per gallon still lags behind the company's diesel models.


Visually there is not much to distinguish the hybrid from the standard model, except for the Arctic Silver paint and the hybrid badges.

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