BMW Announces the Launch of new 2 Series

It seems the BMW guys in Munich are playing a numbers game - and this is going to cause quite a shake-up in the way the company's models are named.  According to industry insiders BMW bosses in Munich plan to launch an all-new striking 2 Series coupe.


The car will apparently be released in 2013, so don't get your wallet out just yet.  It will be broadly based on the second generation 1 Series that was launched not so long ago and will effectively replace the present Series 1 coupe.


Sources say that BMW also plans a convertible version.  The flagship of the new range will, however, be a high performance M2 model that will supersede the current limited-edition M Series model.


The company's decision to introduce a new model between the 1 Series and the 3 Series will allow them to create a unique, more upmarket brand for the sportier 1 Series models.


To set the newcomer apart from the 1 Series hatch it has much smoother lines.  It still uses the current 1 Series nose, but with wider wheel arches.  The roofline also drops more steeply.  The suspension has been tuned for sportier handling.  Similar to the current Series 1 convertible, the Series 2 convertible will also have an electrically operated folding canvas roof.


The new model will share engines with the 1 Series.  This includes a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine delivering 170bhp.  A revised 2-litre diesel engine with a power output of 181bhp will also be on offer.  An upgraded 3-litre straight six turbo petrol is reportedly also on the cards.

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