Brand new Lexus Hybrid Makes its Debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show is bound to make many prospective car buyers start hunting for cheap car deals.  That is simply the effect that being surrounded by so much automotive beauty has on a car lover.


One of the cars that is bound to cause quite a stir in motoring circles is the new hybrid Toyota Lexus.  While the 2013 GS450h Hybrid makes its debut at Frankfurt at this year's show, it will only be available in showrooms next year.


The design team's aim was to cut fuel consumption and emission levels without compromising on performance.  As such the car features Toyota's innovative Lexus Hybrid Drive system with a V6 3.5-litre engine combined with a small, permanent magnet water-cooled electric motor.


This drives the rear wheels, either independently or together depending on the power needs.  The system also incorporates a high-performance nickel-metal hybrid battery, a generator, a compact power control unit and a power split device.


The cooling effect of the Power Control Unit has a beneficial effect on fuel consumption.  Friction, vibration and engine noise are reduced by using lightweight chain technology and the system control has also been improved.


The overall performance of the system is quite impressive: power output is 338bhp and the car can accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds.  Fuel consumption will reportedly be 30% lower and Lexus hopes the car will qualify for a Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle II rating.


The new model also comes with an integrated four-wheel steering system.

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