Car Makers Not Cashing in On Benefits of Green Cars

Car manufacturers are not properly promoting the lower running costs of low emission and "green" cars and are thereby missing out on sales.


They are instead concentrating on informing the market about the environmental benefits of green cars, despite the fact that research shows that this would appeal only to a small percentage of buyers and the so-called "green activists", who make up less than 6% of the UK market.


Research carried out by Specific Media, a digital media company, indicates that carmakers would get better results from their marketing and advertising efforts if they concentrated on cost benefits, which motivate the majority of buyers.


According to the study, economic factors are what are in consumers­ minds when they buy a new car. The biggest concern remains price (87%), followed closely by fuel consumption (79%). Insurance cost also plays an important role, with 61% of buyers citing it as a major factor when choosing a new car.


An interesting phenomenon is that while the vast majority (78%) of motorists are quite prepared to buy a «green­ car, a much smaller percentage (57%) would be prepared to pay a premium for the privilege. In fact, the environmental impact of the car they are buying is only important to 24% of car buyers.


Another unexpected finding of the study is that «green­ messages in advertisements actually make most consumers «suspicious­ and «wary­, and less likely to buy an environmentally friendly car.

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