Car Manufacturers Pushed to Meet 2015 Emission Targets

The race to meet carbon emissions before 2015 is on - and research shows that several car manufacturers will have to hurry if they want to meet these targets.


The European Environment Agency (EEA) says that the majority of carmakers were able to meet the 2012 targets, but more than one of them needs to improve the efficiency of their fleets and nearly all of them have to further reduce emissions in order to meet 2015 emission targets.


Last year the average new car registered in the EU had CO2 emission levels of 140.3g/km.  Lawmakers, therefore, believe the 2015 target of 130g/km is achievable.  This is only an average figure - individual car manufacturers get their own targets based on the average mass of their fleets.  Carmakers producing bigger cars get higher targets.


The data shows that 32 carmakers reached their 2012 emission targets two years in advance, which means that nearly 80% of new cars registered in 2010 already complied with the 2012 targets.  Manufacturers who still don't comply by 2012 could be fined up to ‚¬10billion.


Among the leading manufacturers Toyota already complies with the 2012 targets.  The company is also only 1g/km away from the very strict 2015 targets.  Citroen and Peugeot are also not far from meeting these targets - both of them only need to cut emission figures by less than 5g/km before 2015.

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