Car Manufacturers Shun Digital Radio

The Government might have to postpone the switchover date for digital radio.  According to the results of a new survey carmakers are not very eager to adopt the new technology - less than half of them have so far switched to digital radios.


The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is, of course, eager to implement its Digital Britain vision, in terms of which 2015 is the deadline for switching over to digital radio.  Such a move, however, would mean that all analogue car radios would stop working overnight.


Auto Express says its research shows that the Government could well have to delay the switchover until 2017.


The survey covered 24 major carmakers and revealed that half of them do not even offer digital radio as an optional extra in their cars.  In fact nearly 60% of new cars registered so far this year were not fitted with digital radios.


Among the manufacturers that have not made the move to digital yet are Nissan, Citroen, Hyundai and Fiat.  A spokesperson for Citroen said "No Citroens have digital radio fitted (or as an option) and no date has been set as to when this will change."


The Government's deadline will only come into effect if a number of key targets are met: national coverage for digital radio must match current FM coverage of 98%, at least 50% of radio listeners must have digital receivers and local radio must cover all major roads and reach at least 90% of the population.

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