Cars the Celebrities Drive

Perhaps you are one of those people who wants the exact kind of car your favourite movie star drives.  Even if that is not the case it is nevertheless always interesting to know how they get from point A to point B.


There is certainly not a single type of car that stands out when it comes to celebrity cars.  Since "green" is big in celebrity circles nowadays, many of them drive something like a Prius.  Others, however, stick to the old recipe of large and luxurious.


As part of his prize money, the latest winner of the American Idol competition received a Ford hybrid.  This, he felt, did not really fit in with his image - so he exchanged it for a black Ford Mustang GT with all the latest gadgets.


The sleek Mustang has become somewhat of an icon in the U.S. and it is widely considered to be the original "pony car."  For those who like a "muscle car" it has been the vehicle of choice since way back in the sixties.  Its fuel consumption of 19mpg for city driving is certainly not "green" by any standards.


Colin Farell's car has even more style, luxury and bling.  He drives a Cadillac Escalade SUV - a car that is sure to make heads turn wherever he goes - if only because of its chrome rims and imposing size.


Jeremy Piven likes something with a more classic style - which is why he drives a Bronco.  He is frequently spotted driving around town with the top down.

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