Citroen Releases all new Tubik Concept

Citroen has reinvented its legendary Type H vehicle and released it as a highly flexible nine-seater that is definitely a van, but also definitely not a van as most of us know it.


The company calls it the Tubik, but it clearly drew its inspiration from the TUB and the Type H, which was manufactured between the 1940s and 1980s.  It was one of the most versatile yet simplest vans ever built and Citroen sold 473,000 of them before production was halted.


Some of the Type H's most distinctive features were corrugated body panels, a protruding nose and sliding doors.


The Tubik took these themes and adapted them for the 21st century, with an eco-friendly hybrid diesel engine and seating for up to nine people.


Similar to the Type H, it has a protruding nose and the windscreen pillars also remind one of the two distinctive ridges of the Type H.  The concept car features a bold grille (somewhat like that of the 2009 Citroen Revolte), a bodywork with metallic grey paintwork on the sides and contrasting white on either end, plus 22-inch wheels.


The driving compartment is accessed through a door at the front, while entry to the passenger compartment is through the side of the vehicle - which completely lifts upwards to allow easy access.


In the back one finds a cocoon-style lounge with silk backrests, felt seats, silk door panels and a leather floor

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